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Benefits and Professional Development Committee 2022 – 2023


BENEFITS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE:  This Committee’s responsibilities include suggesting administrative actions that would facilitate the development of faculty members as professionals and monitoring and evaluating these activities and resulting programs; examining, clarifying, and making recommendations to the Faculty Senate on issues and concerns on retirement, leave, faculty welfare, insurance, and fringe benefits; cooperating with task forces, councils, and committees addressing similar concerns on other higher education campuses in Tennessee; and receiving representation from and providing representation to any other Faculty Senate, campus, or university task force, council, or committee addressing issues directly related to faculty and staff development or benefits.  When appropriate, this Committee will cooperate with other Faculty Senate Committees on base salary and other issues that are related to faculty benefits.



Benefits and Professional Development Committee Roster

2022 – 2023





1. *Stephanie Madison, Chair Senior Lecturer


2. Cassio Ferrigno Assistant Professor Vet Med
3. Braidee Foote Clinical Assistant Professor Vet Med
Laurie Knox Senior Lecturer English
5. Kelly Martin Associate Professor of Practice Social Work
6, Stacia Martin-West Assistant Professor Social Work
7. Elena Shpak Associate Professor BCMB
8. Allison Wolf Lecturer Math