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Communications Officer | Senior Lecturer, EnglishContact Information1202 McClung TowerPhone: (865) 974-6926E-mail:

Parliamentarian | Lecturer, Agricultural & Extension EducationBiography Contact Information302 Morgan HallPhone: (865) 974-7372E-mail:

Secretary | Professor, Entomology & Plant PathologyContact Information250 Ellington Plant Sciences BuildingPhone: (865) 974-0219E-mail:

Immediate Past President | Professor, Food MicrobiologyContact Information210 Food Safety & Processing BuildingPhone: (865) 974-7247E-mail:

President-Elect | Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer ScienceContact Information550 Min H. Kao BuildingPhone: (865) 974-0994E-mail:

President | Professor, College of NursingContact Information307 College of NursingPhone: (865) 974-4318E-mail: