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Research Council 2023 – 2024


RESEARCH COUNCIL:  This Council promotes excellence in research, scholarship, and other creative activity through the study and recommendation of policies. The Research Council shall initiate and support efforts to communicate an understanding of and appreciation for research, scholarship, and other creative activity to the campus community and the community at large. This Council co-administers some programs of the Office of Research and Engagement, as requested by the Vice Chancellor or the Associate or Assistant Vice Chancellors for Research. Areas of interest include research incentives and support, intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary research activities, compliance with state, federal and university regulations governing the conduct of research, rights to and commercialization of intellectual property, the broad range of research infrastructure including institutional facilities, computational support, and other research-related resources. The Research Council conducts the initial phase of the periodic review of research centers and units supported by and/or reporting to the Office of Research. Further, the Research Council shall concern itself with the institutional policy on research grants and funding, with copyright and patent policy, with protection of investigators, with the protection of human subjects of research, with the protection of experimental animals, and with policies affecting compliance of research activities with environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.  In addition, the Council shall also encourage publications and the development of specialized research facilities for intercollegiate and/or interdisciplinary uses in accordance with any other policies pertaining to research programs. The Council shall furthermore encourage media releases of research successes by UTK, UTIA, and UTSI researchers. When appropriate, the Research Council shall report its actions for approval to the Faculty Senate. The Office of Research and Engagement has agreed to provide a member of the administrative staff to facilitate meeting functions and support the activities of the Research Council.



Research Council

2023 – 2024





Department or Name

1. Andrew Steiner, Chair Associate Professor Physics
2. Dania Bilal Professor Information Sciences
3. Megan Bryson Associate Professor Religious Studies
4. Karen Franck Associate Professor Family and Consumer Sciences
5. Brian Long Associate Professor Chemistry
6. Tadele Mengesha Professor Mathematics
7. Amy Mundorff Associate Professor Anthropology
8. Marcin Nowicki Research Assistant Professor Entomology and Plant Pathology
9. Angelica Palomino Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
10. Sean Schaeffer Associate Professor Biosystems Engineering
11. Timothy Truster Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
12. Mariya Zhuravleva Associate Professor Materials Science
13. Deborah Crawford Vice Chancellor for Research; Office of Research  Ex-Officio
14. Marc Gibson Associate Vice Chancellor for Research  Ex-Officio
15. Jean Mercer Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration  Ex-Officio
16. Brad Day Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation Initiatives  Ex-Officio
17. Sarah Pruett Assistant Vice Chancellor for  Responsible Conduct of Research  Ex-Officio
18. Office of Research Vacancy Ex-Officio
19. Jon Phipps Office of Research; Director of Core Facilities  Ex-Officio
20. Renee Thomas Office of Research;

Director of Finance and Administration of Research  Ex-Officio
21. Jennifer Webster Office of Research; Research Development Manager  Ex-Officio
22. Holly Mercer Dean of Libraries or designee  Ex-Officio
23. Joel Reeves Associate Vice Chancellor/CIO from OIT


24. Josh Price Office of Information Technology; IT Manager Research Computing Support Designee
25. Jamie McGowan Center for Global Engagement: Global Research: International Relations Designee
26. David Goddard
27. Amber Roessner Professor
28. UT Knoxville Office of Research
29. Ramon Padilla Jr.

ORIED Members

Name Email
1. Paula Wyatt Brown
2. Debra Crawford
3. Brad Day
4. Jennifer Webster


ADR Members

Name Email
1. Suzanne Lorraine Allard
2. Katherine B. Ambroziak
3. David Edgar Anderson
4. Chad Autry
5. Teri Baxter
6. Michael J. Blum
7. Ernest L. Brothers
8. Doug Coatsworth
9. Bill Dunne
10. Nathan Fleshner
11. Holly Mercer
12. Matt Murray
13. Holly Anne Raynor
14. Timothy G. Rials
15. Jon Wall
16. Tami Hodges Wyatt