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Archives Prior to 1973

The new Faculty Senate met for the first time on January 15, 1973, replacing the University Senate. This page will list UT documents–from the University Senate, from AAUP, and from other sources–which appeared before 1973 and which should be of interest to the Faculty Senate.

AAUP Report on Faculty Participation in University Government, May 1969

Minutes of University Senate Meeting on Selection of the President, 1/9/70
Report of the Faculty-Student Committee on Presidential Selection, 1/9/70
Report of AAUP Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance, Jan. 1970
Minutes of University Senate Meeting on Governance, 5/18/70
Report of Advisory Council on Governance, 5/27/70
Proposed Resolution Establishing a Faculty Senate, 5/27/70
Proposed Organizational Chart for University Governance, 5/27/70
Interim Report of Committee To Investigate Nixon-Graham Demonstrations, 6/16/70
Report of Committee on Appropriate Use of Force on Campus, 6/17/70
Resolution on the Search for Values, 6/29/70
Report of the Special Committee on University Governance, 9/22/70
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Visit of President Nixon to the Billy Graham Crusade
University Senate Resolution on Faculty Participation in Selection of Administrators
University Senate Resolution on Faculty and Student Governance
University Senate Resolution on Guidelines for a Faculty Senate

Report and Resolutions Concerning Establishment of a Faculty Senate, April 1971

Report on Faculty Participation in Department and College Governance
Sheila Tobias on Women in Higher Education, May 1972
Statement on Governance of Education in Tennessee, Oct. 1972