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Non-Tenure Track Issues Committee 2022 – 2023


Non-Tenure-Track Issues Committee:  This Committee concerns itself with policies and issues regarding non-tenure-track faculty, including, but not limited to, the development and refinement of criteria and procedures for non-tenure-track faculty appointment, compensation, benefits, promotion, retention, evaluation, shared governance, retirement, and termination. This Committee is responsible for reviewing proposed revisions and recommending changes to the Faculty Handbook that affect non-tenure-track faculty in accordance with the amendments and procedures set forth in the Faculty Handbook. In order to ensure representation of non-tenure-track faculty interests, the Non-Tenure-Track Issues Committee will work with all other committees such as, but not limited to, the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Budget and Planning Committee, Research Council, the Athletics Committee, and the Benefits and Professional Development Committee.





Non-Tenure Track Issues Committee Roster

2022 – 2023 





1. Anne Langendorfer, Co-Chair

Non Tenure; Lecturer


2. Mark Stanley, Co-Chair

Non Tenure; Lecturer


3. David Alley

Non Tenure; Senior Lecturer


4. Justin Arft

(Not a Senator)

Tenure Track; Assistant Professor


5. Eva Cowell

Non Tenure; Lecturer

Management & Entrepreneurship

6. Andrew Griffith

Tenured; Associate Professor

Agriculture and Resource Management

7. Rebecca Kite

Tenure Track; Assistant Professor


8. Victoria Meloy

Non Tenure; Clinical Instructor


9. Laura Trujillo-Mejia

Non Tenure; Distinguished Lecturer


10. Anne Ming-Chieh Ho

Non Tenure; Lecturer


11. Solange Munoz

Tenure Track; Assistant Professor


12. Jennifer Weisent

Non Tenure; Clinical Assistant Professor

Vet Med