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2023 – 2024 Committees

Much of the work of Faculty Senate is enacted through committees comprised of Faculty Senators. These groups address continuing and new challenges, and bring these matters before the Senate for deliberation. If you have a concern about faculty life at UT, contact the relevant committee chair(s).

Please refer to individual Faculty Senate committee tabs for membership rosters and descriptions of committees.


Per Faculty Senate Bylaws:  The Executive Council Membership shall consist of the chairpersons of the standing councils and committees of the Faculty Senate (if a council or committee has co-chairs, one of these is designated as the voting member in the Executive Council, except as otherwise noted); the officers of the Faculty Senate; the elected faculty representative to the University Faculty Council; and up to two at-large faculty members appointed by the FSLT. Ex-officio members shall include the chief academic officer and the chief officer in charge of finance and administration. The Faculty Senate President is the chairperson of the Executive Council.

Executive Council Membership Roster